New Life Group course – Inside Out

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15th October 2017
New Life Group course – Ephesians
7th June 2018
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We’ve just started our brand new Life Group course – Inside Out.

Inside Out is a six session course giving us the opportunity to explore just how big God’s mission really is and discover what part we each have to play within it. By the end we believe that you will be inspired and equipped to take a fresh look at integrating words and actions to help bring change to our community locally and globally.

The course begins by looking at the big picture – exploring the themes of creation, brokenness, justice, restoration and the future of everything. The subsequent sessions focus on mercy, influence, lifestyle and evangelism. Then, the final session encourages you to think about what you can do to join with God in His big mission.

Once all the groups have completed the course, we’ll gather together to share out thoughts and pray about how we can begin to get stuck in!