A New Normal

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Finding structure in this season

By Jess Turvey

Hey everyone!

So we’re on lockdown, which is kind of unbelievable. Something I'd never even heard of before the Coronavirus came around. It’s all a bit strange, not being able to pop to the shops whenever you like and having pretty much nothing to do.

Lockdown so far hasn’t been that bad to me, which was a real surprise! Even though I’m not able to work, or be at church or do anything else outside of my home; I’ve found that this time has been good. I’ve been able to read my Bible more, start some kind of exercise (we will see how this goes!) and finally picked up the book I started about 6 months ago!

During this crazy time on lockdown, it’s easy to start feeling lonely, scared or even purpose-less. This is a time of great uncertainty, not knowing how long it's all going to last, if we'll be affected, and what our lives will be like once this has passed.

Our lives are filled with regular occurrences like school drop offs, football practice, work, weekly life groups, church on a Sunday (with so much more in-between) ... and repeat!

It’s hard to keep a structure, unless you’re still working. It might be nice having the freedom to do nothing and get up at any time you like. But after a week or so, it might not be so nice.

I encourage you to try and get a structure, even if there doesn’t seem like you have much to do. It's so helpful to just get up, have a shower and get dressed. We must try and ground ourselves, look at the bigger picture and have hope.

Throughout the Bible, God has used suffering to do amazing things, so be encouraged that this is not what God intended but He will bring goodness out of it.

This is such a unique time in history, a time where churches have shut their doors to try and protect people. This is the time for us as christians to take the good news outside of the church buildings, to show people the love of God without the excuses of being too busy, and not having the time.

We as individuals, and the wider Church, will never have time like this, we must move into the season God has presented us with. This world is looking for something that won’t crumble, they're hungry for more. The one thing that can fulfil this hunger is God, the one who won’t crumble but who will stand firm throughout everything.

Maybe God is asking you to re-evaluate your life, to prioritise Him, to step into the next new thing. When this has all passed and we start to return to ‘normal’ life, will you be happy? Do we want our lives to go back to normal already or are we going to create a better new normal?

So as we spend the next 3-12 weeks in lockdown (because who knows how long!) we need to find some structure and purpose. Find things that bring you life, that challenge you. Learn a new language, finally finish all those jobs around the house, study your Bible, listen to those podcasts, paint, spend time with your kids, and catch up with friends.

Look forward to when this is over and you’ve achieved so much! Look forward to your new normal, and getting back to the things you couldn’t do whilst in lockdown.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though the mountains quake with their surging.

Psalm 46:1-3

It might feel like the world is crumbling and we’re witnessing it, yet God remains our refuge in the midst of every terrifying thing. He is our ever-present help, He is always with us so we don’t need to be afraid!